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'There are three solutions for each problem: My solution, your solution and real solutions. "Chinese Proverb
You can force someone to do something, but you certainly can not force that person to want to do this thing. revenue needed to ask of us the desire and motivation is the biggest strength that enables us to sincere heartfelt pleasure.
This book is an essay on modern management. to obtain the best efficiency of a business, also it depends on the acceptance of paid workers as his own work.
oluttur to an organization primarily individuals gelittirmeliyiz.pet M. Senge, "The Fifth Discipline" in his book: "Organizations can acquire skills through skill but winning individuals. Individual learning does not guarantee organizational learning; but can not talk about organizational learning from this is what will happen ... If workers can not grow if they are motivated enough, what productivity gains, nor technological development. "he says.
This book is also planning to reorganize a company manager or already in the process of restructuring; specialists and consultants; personnel managers; The person responsible for the in-service training; teachers and students interested in the business; either as Chairman of the meeting, as the leader of a project he wants to, and in relation to vocational basic and essential for people who work to convince ...

"Dialogue; 'Their conversation is we give our answer.' Or answer did not comply with a smile-but know we stated that we understand the problems of shaking us with a smile, life, and mutual talk we understand that we can solve the issue if talk to someone in sağlamamızdır.çünk, that dialogue, creates and which need a lot of trust from us all confidence thing. "Stefan Haymer
Times have changed. Everything is changing very quickly in a globalized world. The people or all the energy they use to try to resist change, or to accept the inevitability of change to be faced and to prepare to take advantage of it. The second point is much easier.
Our Opinion vardır.görüş indicate the road ahead; but put them into action elements of a manager who wants to put into action and is not obliged to provide to their work. That requires the help of others to manage it. Collaboration culture (consultation) is our way of seeing our business; This can be likened to the difference between put sand to put oil on the machine.
Open Joint Vision + Goals + Positive Culture = SUCCESS
Business vision in its own jurisdiction to decide the areas they are responsible olmalıdır.elbet, when there is a risk attached to a new way of fitting into some obstacles. If a small error automatically mean the end of hope for the future, no one will not be able to show the courage to take risks. Therefore, it is too late, every business who ask questions as well, should be allowed to make mistakes and to draw attention to the beneficial development.
Everyone, even in the face of uncertainty to be able to decide the most turbulent period of change and learn to be able to show a positive attitude. To understand the feelings of others, intuition about human nature and characteristics such as the ability to fix the extraordinary success of the process is required. Mutual respect, value and reliability on the road to success as anyone else thinking emerges as important building blocks. (The book value of these "old fashioned values" so interesting to talk about.)
The manager and his staff to combine their vision for the future is a very positive starting point. One of the most important motivating factor, is itself a group of people feel that they belong. From a community gathered around a vision, a force of nature is not supposed to be.
Goals should be clearly defined. You should know what you want. Your energy, your knowledge and perseverance should be directed to a purpose and that purpose must be clear, specific and precise. Both must be optimistic and realistic.
Opinion is a type of light that illuminates the target can be compared to a road in the dark. to embody your goal, and you have managed to express the result as you want it to be, it will be transformed into an intense laser light, and will be strong enough to pierce a wall.
positively identify a target, actions should be focused on that goal then put forward a viable strategy. So all attention will be given to it. Even when it's something else you need to keep in mind the corner. Therefore, stay awake and evaluate the opportunities available to you.
If you do not have a priority ranking, you are faced with the danger of failing to do anything after work to do at any time. Therefore, energy and resources, one should be used so as to achieve one of the goals.
All will power and determination to achieve a result from these gereklidir.zir the beginning, the whole world appears to have cooperation with us. However, obstacles and resistance empowers you and allows you to trust your own abilities.
"O my enemy is my statement and you get speed.
in need of day and night, you need me ... "
Motivation and Change: Knowledge is power. If you feel like a victim of circumstances rather than yourself, if you want to be the future of advancing towards slowly but surely, they should not be back. It is no longer an excuse for kids busy for a man or a woman. You have to keep your information in time; It is to learn something new is never too late.
Motivation is the result of participation. However, it is not easy to work with. But otherwise the rules of human relations can not be learned. So development alone is not enough; also to strengthen the social competence is equally important.
Is constant for all the results obtained at these points, it depends on the continuous application. Experience has shown that To the leadership of the internal layout of him as an individual and group monitoring, organizations are delivering the best possible results.
Administrators must keep moving their employees and have a short conversation, albeit showing interest in some way. So everyone finds the opportunity to talk about anything he wants and to prevent rumors.
Hierarchical structures are tend to be bulky, it does not allow the development of productivity. That's why all the institutions in the future will require more flexible arrangements are made.
Manager's attitude is reflected in the organization's staff. If managers want to achieve something, before he should be a good example; but respected him, if realized what it promises.
Motivation and Innovation: Employees are not a heartless machine community. If people how attribute, so the expectations are high, and not only wages, they also deal with the emotional atmosphere of the working environment. People unless it is appreciated by their superiors, they may decide to farkettirin. When experienced people walked out, the organization will take them to fruition and flies.
In the early days most of the business people are motivated. As time goes by conditions in the workplace causes them to lose their enthusiasm. Good leadership is to lose the motivation of the staff. This can be achieved by the reorganization. During this reorganization, the employees are always plagued with discontent. some of the reasons: inability to predict what will happen and why it would be; Not knowing how it will be affected, not being sure whether they can handle the new form of business.
Financial incentives can be important to increase efficiency in the course of a man's job. But the role of financial incentives should be handled in the integrity of the motivating factors. For example: Low-paid workers, additional claims are dependent every penny. More people identified winning much more work they do and the money is less important data. Here where the money is, confirmation of success and get freedom of movement.
USA, Germany, in a survey conducted in countries such as Japan, "People really what motivates you?" The answer to the question is a matter of better expository nature. Made of high salaries has plummeted in the rankings.
1 1 ---------- ------------- more strategic directives
2 3 ------------- ---------- More information
2 3 ---------- ------------- more participation in the project planning
4 6 ------------- ---------- Less organizational bureaucracy
Openness to ideas from outside ------------- ---------- 4 5
5 6 ---------- ------------- less routine work
7 8 ------------- ---------- more in-service training
7 8 ---------- ------------- more hope for promotion
9 9 ------------- ---------- higher wages
Besides the wage also it has a few important points:
· Salaries, would provide the income you need to live, and thus an incentive to work.
· Indicates the position of the employee salary scale.
· The increase in salaries is the confirmation of your success in your business.
· An increase in money from contact with other people and deprive deeper emotional associations can compensate for a living.
a question may come to mind at this point. "If salaries are only a secondary motivation factor why people are on strike for higher wages?" The answer to this question, you should seek high status and request to see more respect. So they want to draw attention of people on strike: "We are fulfilling an important role in society. Look at how that evening everything If we leave the job. Show us the attention we deserve. If you do not want to do that, we have to leave you to do it. "People so that their dissatisfaction, they tried to explain the meager wages.
Measure the salary, but also shows the status of an institution's internal hierarchy. If they suffer, but the energy of the elements who did not treat them fairly and sabotage spending is not desired, should be known by everyone and considered by the wage increase. Thus, you must receive the same salary with similar functions and personnel up and down at the same time.
As a result, issues can be grouped in two points:

Management should not only rely on financial incentives, in their survey to reveal that company employees of what motivates you and what should a negative effect. Questions should be answered anonymously.
It must also be fought effectively for non-material needs of its member unions, which are considered to represent the interests of the workforce.
Open communication from the peak to the bottom of the organizational structure of news is that the flow freely in a healthy way from the bottom to the summit.
Employees who, doing what is expected of them and why they should do it, top of what they expect from other departments and outside the company want to know what is in connection with their jobs done.
It is the responsibility of managers to ensure the flow of news. Manager constitutes an example. The administrator should not change from person to person by word and action.
Adequate communication can not be achieved if the situation arises uncertainty. This rumor, gossip etc. If it prepares the ground and how much uncertainty increased, so the yield falls.
many possible communication (information) channel are:
** Your Relationship and Knowledge: Knowledge is the best way to transfer.
** Written Information: Restricts Humanitarian relations and most managers themselves are damaged.
** Video Broadcasting: Communication takes place in one direction.
** Internal Radio Broadcast: entertainment though; A typical one-way communication system.
** Electronic Data Network: communication via computer, max is suitable for events and news to announce. Advantage; It is to reach large numbers of people very quickly.
We also can fold the official gay-i network. In general, free meeting, it would be effective in the process and decision-making of the tea council.
It provides quality open communication. If management knows that lie at the root of the event, many troubles arising from the re-arrangement of the transmitter case can be avoided. Many accidents and disasters can be prevented if the management and timely alerts before.
A British mine had made a reputation for frequently repeated accidents. investigated the causes of the accident, the miners appeared to have no contact with their superiors. The flow of information was only from top to bottom. After the decision to hold regular meetings with those management employees fell more than the number of accidents.
In order for a weak administrator who doubts his own ability, it is meant also in praise and approval; more obviously are not capable of it. These people are so insecure, someone else sees success as a personal threat; not only to position themselves apart, but also its own respect. Others to be good for him, the adoption of its low position.
to react to any teen is also a form of punishment. Indifference, sometimes more than a direct attack can be devastating. One victim, itself, can defend against unfair criticism; He leaves you with a feeling of quiet if ignored me.
PRAISE: To be gratifying and encouraging Praise must possess the following characteristics.
Realistic and honest: Praise should be based on facts and should reflect your real thoughts. If you wander around without telling people what they want to say actual oil pulling together, hailed as degenerate over time becomes empty chatter.
A particular subject: Praise be to a concrete and specific issues that should be general and exaggerated. "Always" and "never" such generalizations are inevitably wrong. "Everything was perfect" special compliment, such as stroke, is what is really good and what does not give any idea that he would be better.
The amount of praise should be offered instead of proportion to the service, or brought to the task. Very little work is an exaggerated approve shown, leads to distrust people.
Face to face: In principle, people should be made against the face of praise. An administrator should take the trouble to talk face to face with the elements, it should consider leaving a third person.
Internal: The confirmation must come from within. There is very congratulate someone else who wants to have a job you have to do it yourself, some people praise the so-called show humility are mixed with cynical and contemptuous words. In his eyes, jealousy and envy flame shines positive words poured from his lips, costs will eventually destroy all feelings of pleasure.
Sometimes a nice word can be used to cover a feeling of disdain. This is quite annoying. Because very few people can give a corresponding answer ready. E.g; Your article is published in a magazine in your praise and your friend (!) Has "the article has been fabulous. Did you write it yourself? "
POSITIVE REACTIONS: Positive responses need to be able to accept it as it is an art. There beneficial to dwell on a few points about this.
No compliment should not be rejected, unnecessary modesty, most people compliment pushes to reverse.
should look to the observed adverse events. Talented people always expect more from themselves and often their direction to be criticized for not being perfect masochist (concept of pleasure from the infliction itself) are in a self-assertion. to evaluate this aspect criticized in the community, you need to search something negative.
Emotions should be able to reflect exactly: especially when it unexpectedly positive response, entirely under the influence of human emotions you can take the time to show your kindness is nothing incompatible. Tears can be taken as an example.
ADVERSE REACTIONS (Critics): We agree that it is important to at least praise the constructive criticism. But often they can not be expressed. It; concern oneself will decrease at a disadvantage, the nature of the punishment or the fear of losing popularity. However, some words can express an incentive choosing your response carefully. "I know you can do this job better than you." As.
Negative thoughts are contagious. If negative thoughts about a person at work and constant groans of other people is drawing near when the surrounding development. Therefore; Except council resolution would be wise not to let the fact that often the conversation.
Then, constructive criticism should be done, it should not be disruptive. Some suggestions to be constructive criticism will catch your attention.
1. Most people do not deliberately do wrong things. Even when they infect a job in hand to the face, they are in fact well-intentioned. This Appreciate good intentions. A failure by saying, by comparison with the previous success we say the person can increase self-confidence.
2. Open your mouth, before hitting out your anger, be sure you make the reasons for the criticism. Because uncontrolled emotional outbursts can be completely finished your relationships with people in your face.
3- psychological language, "transfer" words, thoughts and feelings resulting from experience that expresses the human experience before moving here and now. Well, if the previous manager was authoritarian, staff, though in a while a new manager, it will look as if you were standing in chief whip in hand though. A Turkish one encounters with the Japanese, it will tend to think that as another Japanese friendship made her a decade ago.
To escape from this trap transfer, you must never forget the individual differences would be evident in any human community. The draw any hasty conclusions and folded into trouble recognizing people.
4- direct and fair; Tell him exactly what you want to say. It offends against the state; wiredraw, to resort to generalizations, to attack, giving them to resort to such behavior may seem quite appealing to ridicule. But, as they always give the enemy. Therefore avoid them.
5. Give your reaction quickly, not wait until it changes to a major disaster, a small matter. Talk concrete; Say exactly what's bothering you. Avoid thick and at that point the person's behavior and criticizing generalizations from personal attacks. Adverse reactions to teketeke is best to give a no blind spots Umeda.
If an entire section affected by the issue, clearly it is useful to discuss what went wrong. But the requirements for its controversial subject matter of establishing an environment that is completely revealed and is generally accepted. The thing to be avoided, one person is to be turned into a scapegoat of all other people. People criticize you, allow you the opportunity to respond to the points stressed. Gossiping and scandal mongering, does not give any other result than creating insecurity.
6. Choose the right time to give your reaction. If you doubt, "this issue we need to talk with you. Want to talk now, or should I wait until tomorrow? "I asked.

If you are one of the staff or scold them, they failed to prepare yourself you're in the opposition that you contribute what your behavior.
Do not just sort of error, say what you hope to achieve in making the criticism.
If one of your staff change their behavior as a result of criticism or you'll get better results in the end it is people feel like you are well aware. Being stingy about confirmation.
One of the staff does not hang any criticism and your ears does not make any attempt to change the behavior, tell him what will be the consequences of negative behavior. It must be proportionate to the gravity of the threat situation. Anger works, if you threatened with excessive fines will not dare to practice your olursunuz.tehdit undermine your authority have been wasted if you lose your credibility.
"Our two ears and one mouth, that we have less talk and more
dinleyebilel my diet. "
Listen (y stable) me art: open communication, the person giving the message to be able to express themselves clearly and fully and requires that the person is ready to listen to the messages. Listening is an indication of respect.
However, most people are a bad listener. There are some typical obstacles that make communication difficult. In short, let us consider them.
1. The amount of information can be assimilated to a human is rather limited. If we switch our confronted with too much information at one time to lend a. in the enthusiasm, the opposite extreme information to strangle the working people, are wasting your time and energy. Because only a small part of what can be assimilated listen. If you excited and nervous when you speak to jump from one subject to another, the effect of what you are told will be reduced. If you want to convince someone of something, taking a deep breath, your engine compartment will have a good idea of ​​your small pieces.
2 people who feel themselves insecure are usually poor listeners. Because such people, such as continuous standing over the bumps, they can not move freely.
American communication specialist Albert Mehrabian conducted by a research, one of the first times we met 55% of his body language revealed by 38% in volume and 7% said we were just concentrate on. (Our elders "are entertained with human clothes, is seen off the information." A result that conflicts with words.) When we afraid to encounter another someone, our bodies what we say language next to the signs that spring do not forget that very important. Smile, ask questions and listen. This gives a more lengthily declaiming your sympathy.
3. People who disagree with each other on their tartışırlark, fall into continuous conflict. Because one place to listen to the other while talking, thinking what to say and are preparing. To avoid misunderstandings, speak to your people, you must not listen to him before heading to your destination. Opposition party members to debate their politicians on television, who described a terrifying example.
4- listening skills at the same time is also concerned with people's expectations. The person said something interesting, important and listens when he thought it was useful. Mostly he thinks he knows what to say and can not endure listening to all the trouble.
"Rather than to know all the answers, it is better to ask some questions.". James Thurber
The art of asking questions: to know how to talk to people, the right questions is to know how to ask. Asking questions shows that you are interested in participating in issues that you and other people. A speech: "-What ?, -Who ?, when ?, N ?, -How -Which?" To asking questions since. "-Why?" The question is necessary to avoid as much as possible. Because this word contains a hidden charges.
Leadership style: a manager's leadership style will determine the motivation of staff. Authoritarian managers, subordinates, what you have to explain clearly and fully explain how to do it. Modern management theory, teach us to be known by the staff of the institution's goals. This book is a step further and come here and administrators of the detection with staff goals and tasks, how to make members 'self' instructions to them -veril to decide on recognition of freedom that dahilinde- be recommended. Be clear in the minds of the target makes it possible for us to take the initiative on their own. (Of course, here we assume that they have the courage to take their responsibility.) People treat soft to give them confidence.
The authoritarian leadership style is no longer suited to our age. Nobody likes to receive continuous orders. But this does not mean that the reins completely released.
Emotions are only dangerous when they should be suppressed. But if they put forth freely without fear of being no money, then they can start a dialogue with the person concerned and this may be the first step on the road to mutual understanding.
Openness means: to open up the discussion of the subject of dispute. Openness, and can you defend a different opinion is that you can show your feelings.
Employees are expected to be identified with the organization's goals, be open to everything that daily life in the institution is a necessary prerequisite. But such an opening, if the manager himself open, and the staff is preparing to make it available to others not heard rid of the belief that the distance between the source of authority is unlikely.
If the staff is forced to do something is not convinced exactly enters a relationship between the emotional tension.
A man with a conscience, tries to remain faithful despite everything the chef. But in secret reluctance, reluctance to hear. Rebels thoughts come into conflict with the sense of obedience. Hidden anger, live like a forgotten emotion. this feeling of suppression, manifested as guilt. There is now a disturbed conscience. This unstable, confused and act with a sense of overwhelm, causing a waste of time and energy, reduces the quality of the work performed.
Fake democracy; on matters which are the subject of a decision by the administrator he has already given a call to discuss the staff. Worse that, in reaching the decision the team after a long conversation, but nobody is subsequently administrator to change this decision without explanation. Of course the manager's decision-making in the direction he thinks is the best there is right. Every decision does not have to do before the meeting, but if you asked their opinion does not take account of the staff, and then they should explain why they are doing it at least.
self-development through participation: going on the staff who had the opportunity to reach not only active in providing important information to managers the opportunity to participate, but also be sure of the loyalty of the staff. Participation increases the responsibility of the people and reduce the contention request. A smart manager will consider personnel as a set of resources. Staff are knowledgeable than someone else in your own private space and the development of what, who will notice first is that they should be renewed. Participation is a means of self-development opportunities. This saturation of the humanitarian needs is quite motivating. Ideal list on the subject of the manager include the following points:
· "Raise the desire to work, giving more responsibility to your staff."
· "Do you call your staff before coming to a decision on Innovation interview and wait until it is too late to change things."
· "Listen to what they say and observe the staff request. Avoid giving the feeling that you are indifferent to them. "
· "Staff, give you a chance to participate in the preparation of their business that they identified."
Select an administrator working methods, determine the results reach. If they are included in the personnel decision-making process from the beginning, when these decisions are subsequently put into practice, frictions that may arise will be minimized. Participation leads to the sense of belonging.
appoint the
Management means to achieve results through other people. The ability to motivate staff is the most important qualities of a good manager should have. Assignment of responsibility is the key to success. Appointments can be described as moving to a lower level than the upper level of concretely defined tasks.
failure in recruitment manager, strangled on the details of the business means that it is in danger of losing the general view on the whole house. This case is dominated by routine trial. Instead of managing the personnel manager, it makes individual tasks rather than in person. "How?" Question, "What?" Becomes even more important question, namely the regulations and rules of procedure should themselves be objective. Nobody "was the fact that the initial reason for this rule exist?" Do not ask such a question. The staff is always idling. Flexibility and company lackluster start to disappear.
Appointments should be made voluntary. There is no point in trying to make something they want to do with a dictator. The manager and staff should consider the benefits must recognize itself could become a process of change in the attitude towards the full punishment. It is never easy but always worth the effort spent on it to get rid of old ideas.

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